Unrivaled Print Quality and Colour Reproduction

Reproduce every detail with the industry's most advanced print head. For flawless print quality, the RA-640 is equipped with the latest print head technology, featuring variable droplet control. The RA-640 produces droplets of seven different sizes to accentuate all of the fine details in your image. The result is high-density printing with vibrant colors, flawless photographic reproduction, smooth gradations and superb contrast, achieving silky texture of face skin as well as vivid red, blue and green of signage stand out.

Roland VersaART RA-640
- With the RA-640, you get all the benefits of our eight-channel mirrored ink configuration, which eliminates the color unevenness that can occur during bi-directional printing. This configuration (CMYKKYMC) delivers unmatched color consistency, even in high speed mode up to 33 m²/h. Roland Intelligent Pass Control® further enhances image quality by precisely controlling dot placement between passes for images that are virtually free of banding.

Maintaining the RA-640 is easy. An automated cleaning function keeps the print head in optimal condition, ensuring consistent ink jetting. A dual-wiping system, featuring a standard wiper and additional side wiper, effectively removes dust and debris from the print head to reduce maintenance requirements. An included Jam Guard protects the print head from media jams or collisions.


   High productivity and exceptional print quality
   Automated maintenance features ensure print quality
   Automated take-up system enables unattended production (optional)
   Reproduce every detail with the industry's most advanced print head
   Flawless photographic reproduction
   Smooth gradients and superb contrast
   An automated cleaning function keeps the print head in optimal condition


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